"Happiness depends on what we can give,not on what we can get" - M.K. Gandhi

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IDCA inspires and promotes Social Entrepreneurship to Alleviate Poverty and Mitigate/Adapt Climate Change in India. Through our various meetings in the US and India we promote networking, collaboration, learning, giving, and volunteering for poverty eradication and climate change Mitigation/Adaption in India In these pages you will find answers to most of your questions about IDCA. You will learn about our Vision, Mission, objectives, resources, activities

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What we do ?

Inspiring Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation and climate Change Mitigation in India.We aim to facilitate a suitable environment to meet basic needs for all the rural & urban poors including Food, Clothing, and Shelter. Below are major areas we focus through our activities to achieve a better lives in India for the deprived folks...


Water is responsible for life on earth. To elevate the quality of life and to meet our basic needs, we must work toward sustainable water management. IDCA supports activities and projects to enhance efficient use of water. It supports non-government organizations engaged in developing water management resources in different regions of the world.



Education has a huge impact on culture and society and vice versa. Education shapes the society. An educated individual can interact with his/her surroundings in a more responsible and mature way. Education provides dignity and confidence to the learner. The world is getting highly globalized by each passing day and an educated and skilled individual can survive better in the present world scenario.



Our ancestors settled to grow their own food and crops. In agriculture lie the roots of modern society and economy. Wealth increased with growth in agriculture practices and the societies started to explore the areas of knowledge, science, technology and art.The human society will be forever depended on land and agriculture no matter how modern and sophisticated it gets.



A once thoroughly agriculture based economy is slowly coming to terms with the new more modern manufacturing and service predominant economy. Most of India is still uneducated in most basic terms. The professional services are offered by people mostly having middle class background.



All the basic societal infrastructures require qualitative improvement, especially in rural India. As technological providence does not require huge infrastructural improvements, it is rather easy to initiate technological improvement in rural India and in deprived and poor sections of urban India.



The healthcare sector is the lifeline of any society. India, with its oversized population, lower income and inadequate literacy is still far behind when it comes to world standards of healthcare spending. Healthcare is vital for human well being and in turn is directly proportional to societal progress and enhanced productivity.


Upcoming Events

  • Feb

    9th North India conference

    2020-02-25      IIIM, Jaipur

    Idca is organizing the 9th North India conference at IIIM in Jaipur on February 25-26. You are invited to join as a speaker or participant.

    Conference theme: Mitigating poverty and climate change in India. Sub themes include water, education, healthcare, livelihoods, and Climate Change.
    If joining as a speaker, please send your brief bio, photo and abstract at m.jain@idc-america.org by January 31.

"Let new India arise-let her arise out of the peasants' cottage, grasping the plough; out of the huts of fisherman,the cobbler, and the sweeper. Let her spring from the grocer's shop,from the oven of the fritter-seller." - Swami Vivekananda


  • The 5th South India Conference February 8-9 Hyderabad/Bengaluru More information coming soon
  • The 15th International Conference January 18-19, 2019, New Delhi/Gurugram
  • Presentations from the 7th North India conference and the 4th South India conference posted on website. Click here
  • Here is a collection of photos of our activities on the field and past conferences. Click here to view
  • Check out latest updates on 'Adopt A Village' initiative Click here
Issues we are focusing can be expressed by the acronym


  • Water, Waste/Sanitation
  • Education,Energy,Environment
  • Agriculture,Attitude,Administration
  • Livelihoods,Leadership
  • Technology,Trade,Transportation
  • Healthcare,Housing,Harmony