38% Indians are Poor–A Report

Sunday, August 30, 2009

38% Indians are Poor–A Report

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Date: Friday, 21 August, 2009, 9:07 AM

Dear Dr Mohan Jain and Friends

I have personally made certain studies during the last twenty years. Until about last year (before the sudden increase of the costs of all household food items in India by as much as 100% this year) the average minimum livelihood NEED for an individual was estimated @ Rs.3500 to Rs.4000 per month (about Rs.45, 000 per person per annum), for a decent living level. (contrast this with the paltry amount of about Rs.6000 to Rs.7500 per annum being promised under NREGS)… My estimates were based on personal (discussions) visits to various villages from Dhule and Nashik in Mahrashtra to Kanyakumari District in the southern most part of India. It was shocking that as much as 74% of the village population DOES NOT have this “decent level” of living quality … in most cases their estimated earnings would be @ less than Rs.7500 per annum (about Rs.600 per month) per person, average!

These are presented (along with some idea of our New Venture to solve Village level Poverty problems) at the blog: Poverty Alleviation in Villages

If you feel these are to be shared with all others, kindly do so, as deemed fit

Best wishes
Hariharan PV
NOTE: I personally DO NOT believe in any data on poverty presented by the Government, for obvious reasons!)

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