Issues we are focusing can be expressed by the acronym


  • Water, Waste/Sanitation
  • Education,Energy,Environment
  • Agriculture,Attitude,Administration
  • Livelihoods,Leadership
  • Technology,Trade,Transportation
  • Healthcare,Housing,Harmony

Working Team

Please feel free to contact us. You can use our online contact form or can e-mail us. You may also call us if you prefer to talk to us. Your participation leads to our success and a stronger India. Tel: 630-303-9592      Email:
Founder Trustee: Dr. Suri Sehgal, FL
Founder President: Dr. Mohan Jain, IL Program : Porus Dadabhoy, IL
Founding Members: Dr. Kamal Bawa, MA Mr. Anil Bhatt, IL Mr. Balbir Mathur, KS Dr. Vasudevan Rajaram, IL Mr. Vivek Singhal, IL Water :  Ram Koduri, IL
Board of Directors: Prof.  Kamal S. Bawa, MA Dr. V. K. Raju. WV Dr. Mohan Jain, IL Education : Avinash Dear, IL
Executive Committee: President: Mohan L Jain, IL Secretary:  Avinash Dear,  lL Treasurer:  Mohan Jain, IL Healthcare : Dr. Subhash Jain, NJLivelihoods: Dr. Vinod Prakash, MD  
Chapter Chair: US East Region : Neha Misra, Washington, DC US West Region :Chaya Prasad, San Jose, CA US South Region: Sam Kannappan, Houston, TX North India : Pooja Murada, S. M. Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon, Haryana South India : Ram Maruri/ Ram Koduri,  Hyderabad North Rajasthan: Dr. Manju Nair, IIS University, Jaipur South Rajasthan: Roma Bhardwaj,  FSD, Udaipur Climate Change: Dr. Hari Lamba, IL Website: Mohan Jain, IL  Public Relations: Porus Dadabhoy, IL

"Let new India arise-let her arise out of the peasants' cottage, grasping the plough; out of the huts of fisherman,the cobbler, and the sweeper. Let her spring from the grocer's shop,from the oven of the fritter-seller." - Swami Vivekananda


  • The 5th South India Conference February 8-9 Hyderabad/Bengaluru More information coming soon
  • The 15th International Conference January 18-19, 2019, New Delhi/Gurugram
  • Presentations from the 7th North India conference and the 4th South India conference posted on website. Click here
  • Here is a collection of photos of our activities on the field and past conferences. Click here to view
  • Check out latest updates on 'Adopt A Village' initiative Click here