Dear Supporter

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dear Supporter,

The Alpha Foundation’s 12 IRS formal schools and 5 bridge schools are gaining its momentum in all the campuses. While the classroom teaching and the focused input continues, this month, children took part in a range of co-curricular activities.

Activities and competitions are held regularly in all the schools to enable the students to relate the classroom concepts with actual practical aspects. Throughout these programs, the students were highly enthusiastic and presented a praiseworthy performance. Some activities:

The ART of living courses enriched children and parents with yoga, pranayama and guidelines for happy and healthy way of living. These programs brought together 314 children and 30 parents in IRS Fathenagar, Rasoolpura, Balanagar and Manikeshwari Nagar in Hyderabad.

Creative activities were held for a week in IRS Bangalore with 205 children from kindergarten to class II taking part in “Learning by Doing” program. This program included activities like one-minute game, memory game and creating collages, etc. These activities enabled children to improve classroom performance, better understanding and easy learning.