kuruom Vidyalaya-the-power-of-one-in-a-billion–Earthzine Magazine-Aug.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

kuruom Vidyalaya-the-power-of-one-in-a-billion–Earthzine Magazine-Aug.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am providing a link below of an article that just appeared on a rural development work I have been involved in. There are several such works being carried out by people in India, people of Indian origin in India, and other people throughout the world. Given today’s environment and global exigencies it is becoming clearer that we need to consider the definition of civilization beyond cities and back to the villages and small communities. Even democracy works better in small groups, and social and family stabilities are obvious beneficiaries in village settings. Environmentally, we have no alternative in the long run (no, technologies alone will not solve the problem).

Let’s all put our efforts together to elevate the level of not just living but the life, not just the women and men but the entire humanity, and not just a country but the entire globe. It must begin with the education!


“There has been a dichotomy between the cities and the rural areas in India. And people have adopted a way of living that is mostly westernized, which is not possible in my opinion…India has not done very well integrating our culture with the modern way of life where they allow people to be educated, to be creative, to be innovative, but to not move to the cities. The movie Slumdog Millionaire shows what can happen when people move from rural areas to the cities without education or the capacity for modern life—they create slums. Those of us who have moved to the West can look back with some objectivity.”


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