Reforming Secondary Education in India–A Blog

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Reforming Secondary Education in India–A Blog

log on to: and when WSJ page opens click on the Rural India Button on a top row.
On the rural India page, in the right column click on Discuss rural India button.
On the discuss page there is Rural India button in the right column; click on it to access a number of topic listed there.
I have posted two topics: Poverty in India and Reforming Secondary Education for Rural India.
I invite you and all idc-America members to participate in these discussions.

My hope is that this exposure may lead us to identify retired business managers, engineers and scientists who are looking to be motivational speakers for the issues we discuss and since they are already in India may be they will visit rural India to motivate rural youth and leadership to become self-reliant through education and solving rural communities development issues including eradicating “energy poverty” in rural communities.

Let me know what you think of this method of reaching out in addition to fine work idc-America does in giving exposure to “show and tell” experts at seminars you are organizing.

Kishan Bhatia
Kishan Bhatia, Ph.D. Quality Services Communications & Planning Applications Technology Energy Production & Refinery Reactive Sulfur Technology