Reinventing Fire– RMI2009- Conference in San Francisco

Friday, September 4, 2009

Reinventing Fire– RMI2009- Conference in San Francisco

RMI2009: What will spark the transition from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables?
Rocky Mountain Institute is convening top leaders of business, energy, and security to discuss the most challenging questions of our time on October 1-3 in San Francisco. This two day symposium will explore effective opportunities to achieve economic growth for an era free of fossil fuels.Symposium Highlights

An Introduction to Reinventing Fire:What’s it about? Why is it the focus of Rocky Mountain Institute’s work?

Nuclear Power: Climate Fix or Folly?Amory Lovins and a panel of experts will explore the pros and cons of a nuclear-powered future.

Walking It Like They Talk ItIs the corporate world taking energy efficiency and renewables seriously?

Whole Systems Thinking In Action:Attendees will take a look at RMI’s recent work in leading these key sectors towards a world without fossil fuels:
• Land Transportation
• Industrial Processes• Buildings
• Electrical Systems• Factor Ten Engineering (10xE)

Natural Capitalism: A Decade LaterTen years after its publication, its whole-systems sustainability framework is as relevant today as ever.
Accelerating Vehicle ElectrificationElectric vehicles are coming, and RMI is paving the way.