Yamuna HNZ Bridge Vigil Campaign– September 1-

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yamuna HNZ Bridge Vigil Campaign– September 1-

From: Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan <yamunajiye@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 7:00 PM
Subject: YJA – Day one of the vigil at HNZ Bridge 1 9 09
To: yamunajiye@gmail.com
Dear Friends,

We started as planned the vigil at the strategic points on the HNZ bridge. There was satisfaction, frustration and lessons galore.

Around 12 volunteers were present in the forenoon session, when the maximum collection of the material brought for dumping into the river was effected. Afternoon brought heavy downpour, and strong disagreeable odour emanating from the river. It became quite an effort to keep vigil on the bridge proper as a result. Also the number of volunteers dwindled to around 8.

All kinds of people came up to throw/dump material into the river. But most with few exceptions agreed readily to hand over the material to our volunteers. Around 21 packets were finally collected. One couple had come all the way from Dwarka for making their offering to the river. Information that this is hardly a river at the moment would not cut much ice with them. Ultimately with great reluctance did they hand over the plastic bag which carried the material they wanted to dispose off into the river.

It was realised that keeping a vigil on the bridge is not too difficult as the entire length of the bridge is visible from a central point. Secondly people prefer to throw things where water stands. Hence the length to be covered is easily determined.The key lesson is that if only MCD were to have a well advertised collection point at one site on both the bridges (there are two adjacent bridges on NH 24 and two more are coming up), the river can certainly be secured at least from the bridges.

It is not just puja left overs but all kinds of material that people throw into the river (please see the enclosed pic).The key regret ofcourse remains with people not coming forward to volunteer. We wonder for how long would Bhim and his small band of dedicated volunteers last. Please sign up friends.

Dear friends,

You might have been seen our invitation sent to the Hon’ble Lt Governor for his personal participation at the month long vigil on the HNZ Bridge that has been planned as citizen’s part of a responsible act for the river.What is planned is as under:

We shall gather each day at the Hanuman Temple at the start of the HNZ Bridge as one turn left/right onto the bridge from the Ring Road. We begin the vigil at 9 am and continue till 12 noon. Then after a two hour rest / refreshments (brought from home) we continue the vigil again from 2 – 5 pm.

Banners, placards, stickers, leaflets etc have all been prepared and ready to be used. Relevant DCP have been informed. Most NGOs in the city have been invited. Large number of school’s (many courtsey CEE and its dynamic Regional Director, Sri Prabhjot Sodhi) have been contacted.

Still we feel that it would be great if those on this list could find some time out of their busy schedule to be part of the effort. Afterall it is a citizen’s way of telling the state that we are willing to walk a mile. How about you performing for the river?

Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest. Please inform friends and relations too.
Manoj Misra
Convenor —