YJA-Yamuna Vigil Day 6 Blue caps for Blue River

From: “Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan” <yamunajiye@gmail.com>
Subject: YJA – Yamuna Vigil – Day Six – Blue caps for the Blue river
Date: Monday, September 07, 2009 7:57 AM

Dear Friends,

After the break for a day (Sunday) we restarted the vigil today in themorning.
Students of a school in the Yamuna khadar (courtesy Sri Khanna ji)participated enthusiastically in the forenoon. Three volunteers from WWFIndia also came briefly. Also a volunteer from the local ISKON temple keptthe vigil for an hour or so.

The PWD (Public Works Department) kept its words and repaired the fence oneither side of the bridge. Even MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) staffgot enthused enough to keep to its duties with due diligence.

All the polythene (in four sacks) collected during the last week, was handedover to the CEE staff for use as raw material in their Solid Waste recycledivision. This is converted into handicrafts by the associate NGOs of CEE.

People have started to question our accusation that the citizen’s areresponsible for the sad state of the river. They contend that what aboutover Rs 1500 crores sent down the drain by the state agencies under the YAP?We respond that no one is taking the blame away from the state agencies. Butare not the citizen’s equally to blame? One, for not taking the state totask and the second, for continuing to throw waste material into the river?

A pictorial report from today is enclosed. As a result of the repair of thefence it seems, the number of bags collected today decreased to 26 from over50 collected towards the later part of the last week. Pushp ji, Bhim, Sudha,and Vijay remain the core team of volunteers for the vigil.

The blue caps created by us for the volunteers is becoming quite popular. Itseems “blue caps for blue river” is proving an apt adage.

Happy viewing… Click here for pictures:

YJA-DAY 6 -YAMUNA Vigil September 7, 2009
Manoj Misra